Understanding the contribution of parental mosaicism to the causes of childhood genetic epilepsies.

Chief Investigator: Dr Sarah Heron Funding Amount: $75,000 Recipient: University of South Australia Overview: This project will help to accurately define the frequency of somatic mosaicism, that is, the presence

Studies into the mechanisms that progress protracted bacterial bronchitis to bronchiectasis in children, and therapeutic targeting of these processes

Chief Investigator: Professor Sandra Hodge Funding Amount: $75,000 Recipient: Hanson Institute Overview: Inadequate diagnosis and treatment of recurrent Protracted Bacterial Bronchitis (PBB) may lead to reduced lung function and lower

A randomised controlled trial on the impact of the Paediatric WalkAide (a drop-foot stimulator) on advanced motor skills and physical activity participation in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy.

Chief Investigator: Ms Kerry Evans Funding Amount: $74,920 Recipient: Novita Children’s Services Overview: Children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy (CP) often have ankle control issues in one leg, with weakness/spasticity that