The Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation is an independent organisation dedicated to enriching the lives of children through research.

Every dollar donated to the Foundation goes directly to supporting quality research projects into children’s health, education and welfare.

Join us in making a difference...

Match Funding
A dollar-for-dollar grant partnership with the Foundation
Sponsor a Grant
Align your brand with innovation in children’s research
Fund a Fellow
Foster the prevention and management of childhood disability and disease
Build Careers
Play an active role in growing careers for South Australians, in SA
All research that’s funded is undertaken in South Australia’s world-class research organisations, universities, institutes, health services, educational and other organisations that work tirelessly to generate new knowledge and build research capability that’s vital to improving the quality of life for all children.
If you’d like to specify the area of children’s research we can direct your donation towards, please send us an email.
100% of all sponsored and donated dollars goes directly to supporting quality children’s research.
To learn more about the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation, please visit ABOUT.


Here's some other great ways to actively support children’s research!

Workplace Giving

include the Foundation in your payroll giving program and  consider supporting your employees’ efforts by matching it.

A Personal Donation

Little or large, once a year, or month by month – every donation helps us realise our vision to improve the health, education and  welfare of Australia’s children.

Run a Fundraiser

nominate the Foundation as your charity of choice for workplace fundraisers, raffles and more.

Help support research into things that shouldn't be part of a kids life

If you would like to learn more about forming a partnership with the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation of South Australia, we’d love to hear from you