Help Make Children's Research Possible

The Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of children through research.

Our Annual Grant Program is underpinned by an ambition to help every child live out the happiest and healthiest life they can, and deserve.

We’re also passionate about retaining our excellent researchers and fostering research talent and career opportunities in South Australia. That’s why we dedicate our entire annual funding to state-led research.

Advance research that will ultimately improve the health, education and welfare of Australia's children.
Increase our funding to build new knowledge and capability in South Australia for the benefit of children's research.
Remain independent, robust and unbiased in our support of children’s research, and to champion South Australian-led research and careers.
We seek partnership from organisations and individuals who share our vision to help improve the lives of children through research.
100% of all partnership dollars and donations received will directly support quality children’s research, in South Australia.