Optimising Delivery of Trauma Therapy for Children and Adolescents with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Chief Investigator:

Professor Reginald (Reg) Nixon

Research Area:

Improving children’s mental health and the impact of developmental disorders.
Clinical Study

Funding Amount:



Flinders University


Approximately 5-10% of youth will suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTSD). Evidence-based therapies to help young people are not always adopted by clinicians due to lack of specialist training, negative beliefs regarding the effectiveness of these interventions, and challenges with adapting treatment protocols in the face of complex clients. The project addresses these issues by testing the effectiveness of a new training method designed to equip Headspace clinicians with skills in an evidence-based therapy for trauma that also addresses the barriers to clinician use of these methods. The project will result in increased numbers of young people receiving effective trauma treatment.

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