Maternal immunisation with a novel Zika vaccine to protect offspring from congenital Zika syndrome

Chief Investigator:

Dr Branka Grubor-Bauk

Research Area:

Improving children’s mental health and the impact of developmental disorders.
Basic Science

Funding Amount:



The University of Adelaide


The major concern about Zika virus (ZIKV) is its ability to cause microcephaly and severe birth defects in infants born to infected mothers. The neurological manifestations of Zika are catastrophic. Microcephaly cannot be corrected and medical/occupational care to improve their quality of life is expensive and mentally/emotionally demanding of carers. Zika-affected children require life-long high level of medical care estimated to cost from USD$1-$10 million per child. Introduction of an effective vaccine for ZIKV will prevent infection of pregnant women and the resultant congenital effects in the unborn child, and consequently eliminate the menace of Zika infection.

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