How does boiled / roasted peanut oral immunotherapy protect children from allergic reactions?

Chief Investigator:

Dr Tim Chataway

Research Area:

Basic Science

Funding Amount:

$ 75,000


Flinders University


Peanut allergy affects 3% of Australian children. A number of peanut oral immunotherapy clinical trials (OIT) have demonstrated high levels of efficacy, albeit with high levels of adverse events. We will complete our own OIT clinical trial testing the ability of pre-treatment with two phases of boiled peanut OIT to reduce adverse events during final phase roasted peanut OIT early 2019. We need to understand the immunological basis of how OIT induces desensitisation and how boiled peanuts allow desensitisation with such few reactions. This is crucial for OIT to be established as a routine therapy for peanut allergy.

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