A therapeutic for infant acute lung injury: minimising immune-mediated damage to developing lungs during respiratory infection

Chief Investigator: Miss Elena Cavallaro Funding Amount: $34,874 Recipient: Flinders University Overview: Bronchiolitis and pneumonia are leading causes of infant hospitalisation in Australia. The exaggerated immunological insult stemming from these

Impact of Phthalate exposure in fathers on programming of offspring neurological phenotype

Chief Investigator: Professor Sarah Robertson Funding Amount: $73,445 Recipient: University of Adelaide Overview: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disorder which effects 1:100 Australians. It is accepted that

The utility of resveratrol for improving fetal growth in complicated pregnancies

Chief Investigator: Dr Alison Care Funding Amount: $74,276 Recipient: University of Adelaide Overview: Impaired fetal growth during pregnancy impacts subsequent health for babies and children, but few interventions can improve