Can school based mindfulness programs prevent mental health problems in adolescents?

Chief Investigator: Professor Tracey Wade Funding Amount: $75,000 Recipient: Flinders University Overview: Given one in four Australians aged 16-24 have a mental health condition1, schools are investing millions of dollars

Characterizing protein function and protective antibody levels to the leading P. vivax malaria vaccine candidate MSP3

Chief Investigator: Dr Danny Wilson Funding Amount: $74,662 Recipient: University of Adelaide Overview: P. vivax causes ~80 million malaria cases annually, with children in Australia’s neighbouring countries badly affected. In

Chimeric Antigen Receptor Tregulatory cells (CAR-Treg) as a treatment for Type 1 Diabetes (TID)

Chief Investigator: Dr Timothy Sadlon Funding Amount: $74,915 Recipient: Women’s and Children’s Health Network Overview: Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is caused by autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing pancreatic beta-cells. There